It all began with Ike. A large Class C (that means powerful FM in layman's terms) licensed to Crystal Beach/Galveston was quite literally destroyed; crushed, gone, no transmitter, no tower… boom. Univision (the corporate owner) moved the new transmitter and tower to the far outskirts of Beaumont on the edge of Chambers County.    

The new location produced the same powerful FM signal, but now in the new location it no longer covered Galveston and instead now blanket the Beaumont/Port Arthur market area with a great signal (good news for you).

Long story short, now Walton & Johnson are back on in the city where it all began. The new 105.3 FREE was born. We even have the original KWIC Continental transmitter (romantic eh?)  With our constrained commercial policy (way less commercial content than other Beaumont stations) and emphasis on quality copywriting and production values, our dance card will soon be full.   
You might want to get in front of this on Southeast Texas' hottest radio station.   Call Bridget Miller @ 409-832-5770.

Why is 105.3 called FREE FM?

Because we are free of the artificial format designations placed on radio by the cluster operators (in order to put their monopoly stations in running lanes); Classic Rock, Urban, CHR (supposed to mean contemporary hit radio, but usually just means badly produced, autotune laden hip hop), Oldies, Talk, etc. We are free of those constraints, free of influence by New York, Nashville, and Hollywood.

We serve Southeast Texas and don't give crap what “they” think. We are Free of "stop sets" mentality. Free of genre oriented music. Our music is more like a real person's iPod selections. Who listens to just one "kind of music"? We are interested in one kind of music: GOOD. Whether it's genre categorized as rock, hit, new, blues, even country, we play it if it's good. That's especially true of Texas and local music. You may have already noticed how much Stevie Ray Vaughan, ZZ Top, Thunderbirds, Arc Angels, Willie Nelson, and other assorted Texas giants you hear on FREE. We have what we humbly consider the world’s greatest morning program in Walton and Johnson, a young genius in Kenny The Producer, another in Shirley Q Liquor.   

We have contributors who are in the Texas Broadcast Hall of Fame. It's about companionship, entertainment, great music, and a fresh new and different approach to FM radio. Most stations around here are operating formats from the 1970's.  

There's a new sheriff in town. We really appreciate those who already love the station using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to spread the word about 105.3 FREE. In fact we reward it.