Smoke'em if ya got 'em...

We hear it everyday, "I tried radio ads and they didn't work". We are going to go ahead and agree with you on that one. Radio as practiced by iHeart, Cumulus, CBS, Cox, et al, does not work. They have numbers to grind and they need your money, so they will allow you to use radio in a wholly ineffective manner because it's about their bottom line, not yours. They may not even know better, as their sales reps are taught to overcome objections and get “the buy” no matter what.

In 1970 the U.S. Congress voted to outlaw radio ads selling of cigarettes. A radio (or TV) commercial cigarettes has not been heard since January 1st, 1971. Yet most people born before 1965 can still sing "Winston tastes a cigarette should" even though not a single one of us set out to learn that little melody.    

Conversely, the government has never restricted visual cigarette ads. Tens of thousands of full color, full page, glossy magazine and big city newspaper ads are being printed right now. Giant billboards of Joe Camel look down on freeways coast to coast.  Big colorful signage is placed at major sport venues*, every convenience store is plastered with posters, and expensive point of purchase displays still shill for cigarettes and tobacco products.  In fact spending on visual ads is far greater (using adjusted dollars) today than it was before 1970.  

All of these things combined have not been enough to overcome "silence". Visual advertising receives billions in tobacco dollars yearly and have never been able to compensate for the loss of the hypnotic effects of sound.  Big tobacco has learned the hard way, it's difficult to win hearts and minds when you are denied access to our ears. (The government is sometimes very smart) 

You hear even when you're not listening. You hear even when asleep. Sound is intrusive, and the memory of sounds is awesome. Neurologists will tell you that what comes to your brain via your ears will remain in your mind for a full 5 seconds before it starts to fade. Conversely information sent from your eyes is gone is less than a second. Eye-witnesses to crime always agree on what they heard, but can never agree with clarity on what they saw.

One picture is not worth a thousand words. Confucius never studied echoic retention (the reason radio is superior to all advertising if used properly). Your 105.3 FREE rep will show you how to use radio in the right way. The ears have it… and we have the ears.  

*Skoal/Copenhagen withdrew it's sponsorship of Pro Rodeo when announcers were told they could no longer mention tobacco products over the loudspeakers.  

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