Walton & Johnson where it all began 35 years ago

We're not sure if it was an accident, serendipity, or an act of the almighty, but the surprise consequences of John Walton and Steve Johnson doing one morning of radio to "fool around" in the old KWIC studios resulted in over 35 years of belly laughs, irate managers, delighted advertisers, millions of dollars in ad revenues for stations, and a dozen national awards.   

Dozens of other morning shows were vanquished and ratings records were set in places like Houston, New York City, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Shreveport, Alexandria, Biloxi, Memphis,  Jackson, and others.  Now they are back where it all began Feb 2nd, 1983.   

We don't know how we got them to come to 105.3 Free, but we think station owner John Walton may know somebody with the show.  
At 105.3 we thought Southeast Texas listeners deserved the best. Fortunately we knew where to look.